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Alpha Diving is a friendly diving community in UAE, which provides diving services, trips and equipment. 

We are happy to work with every memeber. We have the best and latest offers for diving services and diving trips to beginners and professionals.We have an access to the best diving instructors in UAE and we offer you a service according to your preferences.  

We want to involve as many people as we can into diving because we love it and we can help.

Diving is very safe and enjoyable. 

Why alpha diving?

There are a lot of diving centers in UAE and a lot of people are confused about which diving center to choose.

Alpha diving provides you a list of the best offers and instructors in all UAE, so you can save your time and money. 

People choose us because we offer FREE guidance and consulting people about the diving courses and packages. 

Moreover, we keep updated our customers about the upcoming trips in UAE and abroad.


 Our goal is to provide the best quality service to all members and our guests. We always respond to any feedback and suggestions and we excel our experience day by day. 


Our professional instructors will make your experience unforgettable and enjoyable. They will teach you how to dive and master underwater skills with our high quality diving equipment. 


Every month we organize free lectures for everyone, who wants to meet divers, listen to some diving stories and get interesting information about diving and our diving courses. If you are still not sure about diving, come and you will be the most welcomed in our cozy divers family. 


All our team members are friendly and welcoming. You will feel safe and comfortable during all the diving course. 


Become an Open Water Diver 

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PROJECT “Diving with no limits”

for special needs people 

All details about the project are here

Clean Up Arabia 2017 

Clean Up arabia 2017 

Trip to Fujairah (October2017) 

Diving for Fun Divers (October 2017)

A little bit about diving

If you want to know what is diving, then try to imagine now how you move slightly under meters of water, surrounded by beautiful sea creatures, corals and may be a sink old ships. 

Have you imagined this? 

Then you can be sure that the diving experience even much more thrilling and fascinating than you picture it in your mind right now. 

Scuba diving is one of the most popular and fascinating sports. Diving is the activity that opens totally different word. A lot of secrets of underwater is still not open to humanity because exploring the sea and ocean equals to exploring the Universe. This underwater mystery attracts a lot of people to start diving and to find more breathtaking sceneries and views of that part of the world. 

Scuba means self contained underwater breathing apparatus and diving with scuba is very safe and enjoyable, if you follow all the rules and try to get the best out of your experience. Once you plunge into the water you see different life and your stress will be washed away with the waves at surface. That’s why lot of people become addicted to diving. 

Diving experience in UAE can be funny and adventurous at the same time. Sea of UAE is very clean and warm, you can see small and big fishes, different water habitants and amazing marine life. Every month a lot of people come to UAE to enjoy such water activity and for the many of them diving becomes a part of their life.

Underwater world
Try dive
Try dive
​“Try dive” or “Discover scuba diving” are the programmes for those who wants experience diving. Within the programme “Try diving” you will learn how to breathe and dive with top of the range equipment, how to swim under the water. After the lesson, the potencial divers feel confident to plunge under the water and are ready for new adventures.TRY DIVE you can experience in our white sand beaches in Jumeihra with our experienced team.Moreover, during TRY DIVE you can get amazing underwater photos and videos about your breathtaking diving experience from your instructor.
Open water Diver course (Diving for beginners)
Open water Diver course (Diving for beginners)
Open Water Diver course – is the most popular scuba course. This course is for those, who want to take scuba diving lessons, to experience underwater life and to enjoy diving to fullest. A lot of people have learned to scuba dive and explored the world beneath the waves through this course.
​Advance open water course
​Advance open water course
​The course helps build confidence and expand your scuba skills through different Adventure Dives. You try out different specialties while gaining experience under the supervision of your PADI Instructor. You log dives and develop capabilities as you find new ways to have fun scuba diving.The Advanced Open Water program requires training and diving experience. You can join this course right after completing the Open Water Divers course.
Diving for Fun divers (certified divers)
Diving for Fun divers (certified divers)
​​Fun divers is a programme for certified divers who is ready to gain a new experience in diving in UAE. The programme is given in safe and relaxed manner and we guarantee you that this diving will outstanding.Our Fun dives for certified divers includes 2-3 dives at any area in Jumeihra beach or Sharjah.​