About us

Our team is very international. We love meeting new people and discovering new cultures.

Manager of Alpha Diving club. Fond of diving and its equipment. 
Passionate traveller and ideas genertor.  Responsible for marketing and organizing  wonderful diving trips. She also shoots photos and videos. So be ready to capture your best moments!

Diving became our passion and we want involve a lot of people into this life-changing activity. We started as a hobby and now we've grown up as a professional team. 

 We develop ourselves and we go together with modern trends: high quality diving gears, customer -oriented services, constant meetings with divers’ communities.

Behind us are a lot of happy customers and we are glad to make each experience count. We based in Dubai (UAE) and we enjoy diving here. 

 In UAE there are a lot of sights, which can make diving very thrilling and we can bring you to the beaches of Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah.