Become an Open Water Diver 

and inspire others

PROJECT “Diving with no limits”

for special needs people 


“Diving with no limits”


The project is an initiative campaign for empowering the people of determination and integrate them more in our society.

As you are aware, it is not new sport for special needs, already it is an ongoing trend in Europe and USA with existing PADI diving standards 
This is in line with his highness Sheikh Mohamed initiative in 2017 to encourage them , appraise their will and efforts toward life.  

 In line with Dubai leadership and world class, we would like to introduce them to this unique life experience, new field where they can conquer successfully.

GENERAL social objectives:

1- helping in integrating people of determination more in the society 
2- empowering people with determination and improve their lives experience 
3- bringing awareness to More user friendly facilities to make their life easier and access more places (ex: building entrance ramps , Jumeirah beach concrete walk to the shore etc..)